Let us help you harness the power of the sun!

Residential solar energy, the smart way to power your home!


At Pioneer Solar, we make the process of going solar simple! From our initial consultation, through installation, and ongoing support, we strive to provide friendly and excellent service. We offer a variety of photovoltaic solar system options so that every home on the block can afford to go solar. From leasing plans to rebates and incentives, find the option that’s right for you and add a clean home solar system to your home.

Benefits for Residential Solar Installation:

  1. Australia has the highest solar radiation per square meter.
  2. In the last five years energy prices have risen by over 80%.
  3. In the last two years as technology improves, solar systems have reduced in price.
  4. Switching to solar can save you hundreds/thousands of dollars.
  5. A house owner can install solar power panels on the rooftop to meet his power needs.

A comprehensive 12-month inspection is included for every system we install. Our field operations manager will contact you to schedule this inspection. If you prefer, we can complete the inspection while you are home.

During the inspection, we meticulously check the condition of the system after it’s been through one full year of energy production. We tighten all the hardware, take photos, and review system production.

Our solar panels for homes are from 1.5KW solar system to 5KW solar systems.

Our Systems

3Kw System5Kw System10Kw System
(Brands:-Jinko solar, Astroenergy, J.A solar, HT- SAAE)
(12*260 W high efficiency solar panel)
(20*260 W high efficiency solar panel)
(40*260 W high efficiency solar panel)
(Brands:-Sungrow, ABB, Growatt, Solax, BYD)
3.0 Kw5.0 Kw10.0 Kw
Roof Space Required15-20 m225-35 m250-70 m2
Estimated Annual Savings$990$1650$3300
Suitable for Family Size of2-3 People3-4 People4+People


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