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Businesses consume exorbitant amounts of energy—spending tens of millions of dollars on utility expenses each year. Covering thousands of square feet of roof space, these facilities are ideally built for solar panels. As rapid energy consumers, going solar for businesses could offer huge savings—even millions of dollars over the lifetime of a system.

Pioneer Solar offers a turnkey commercial solar solution. Whether you’re purchasing your system or financing it through a lease or capital loan, you’ll gain federal incentives, rebates, and tax deductions that result in major savings. Whether you want to secure future energy generation, save money or save the environment for your business, we are the best solar company for solar panels installation.

Benefits of Going Solar for Businesses:
A rooftop solar power installation will help you to save your electricity bill and also help you achieve savings upto 60% on daytime costs. As a solar power installer, we ensure to give you best solar panels. Contact us today for solar energy for your business, so that your business can start getting benefit from solar power.

Solar panels help your business to save money. The cost of solar installation is less than traditional electricity in many markets. Our solar power systems can give you clean, abundant solar energy than you do to your utility company.

Pioneer Solar is an solar energy company in Brisbane, QLD committed to providing all of it commercial solar customers with the most intelligently designed and cost effective energy-efficient alternative systems available.

Our Systems

15Kw System25Kw System50Kw System
(Brands:-Jinko solar, Astroenergy, J.A solar, HT- SAAE)
(Brands:-Sungrow, ABB, Growatt, Solax, BYD)
15.0 Kw25.0 Kw50.0 Kw
Roof Space Required75-80 m2125-130 m2250-260 m2
Estimated Annual Savings$4950$8250$16500


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