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Energy of the future – Pioneer Solar.

About us

Residential & Commercial experts

At Pioneer Solar, we believe that all homeowners should have access to clean, affordable renewable energy. That’s why we do all that we can to help you and families like yours smoothly transition to home solar power.

Pioneer Solar is a privately owned, Queensland-based company dedicated to providing our customers and neighbors with advanced energy product solutions designed to meet your requirements. Our solar system solutions saves you money and provide you with a return on your investment while saving and producing energy for your home or business.

During your solar system installation our skilled, certified team verifies and ensures your energy products save you money with our energy product options.

Why us

Professional & Guaranteed

When it comes to sources of clean, renewable power, solar is tough to beat. Today’s solar panels are more efficient than ever before, which means that you’re able to get even more value from your environmental investment.

Pioneer Solar succeeds in a fiercely competitive business because we sell good quality solar products and at a competitive price. We install it professionally and all our work is 100% guaranteed. Our products last the distance, and so do we!

Every Pioneer Solar employee takes tremendous pride in their work, and believes in a cleaner and more sustainable energy future. Education and training is not only encouraged, but required and provided for key leadership and technical positions. We are part of a thriving community working to reshape how people power their lives and businesses!


Daily average household appliance consumption

Flat Screen

0.1 kWh / hr


0.6kWh / day

Lights per room

0.1 kWh / hr


3.3 kWh per use


0.05kWh / hr

ac unit

5.5 kWh per hour

We are one of the most affordable Solar Solutions in the marketplace.

Our Supply Partners

The sun shines out of our panels!


“Pioneer Solar team was informed, informative, supportive and very professional. My experience with them has been excellent. They also kept me up to date on the complete process right up to the install of my system. I would never recommend any other company other than Pioneer Solar.”

Aaron Shailer Park, QLD


“We were very pleased with all the phases of our project. The service and care we received from Pioneer Solar in every aspect of our project was top notch and very professional. The installers were phenomenal!! The process from beginning to end went smoothly. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to go solar!”

Nicole Fremantle, WA

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