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Estimated Annual Electricity Bills ( with or without solar)

Estimated Electricity Production
Solar System Production 4599 kWh / yr
12.6 kWh / day
Electricity fed back to grid 1290 kWh / yr
Reduced Energy Costs
Price you currently pay/kWh 26c / kWh
Effective price/ Kwh after installing solar 18c / kWh
Savings / kWh 8c / kWh

System Price $ 1520
Savings on your power bill $ 937.74 /yr
Payback Period 3 yrs
Return on investment 162.09%

Savings on Electricity Bills

Savings over

Electricity bill(with out solar) $ 3000
Electricity bill(with solar) $ 6,110
Electricity bill savings $ 12,774